Boyfriend of missing Maui woman passes polygraph test, family says

The family of a Maui woman who went missing last week, says her boyfriend passed a polygraph test.
According to Maui police, up until now the last person to see 36-year-old Amanda Eller was her boyfriend last Wednesday, May 8.
However, newly submitted surveillance video captured outside the Ha’iku post office shows Eller’s SUV leaving the parking lot later that Wednesday.
It isn’t clear if Eller was driving, Maui police aren’t releasing the footage at this time.
Eller’s car was found at the foot of the Kahakapao Trail in Makawao on Thursday.
Family and friends are hopeful she’s in the forest alive and waiting to be rescued.
“It rained today, it rained a couple days ago so there’s water access. As long as she’s not knocked out she’s a smart girl, she’ll wring her t-shirt out and into her mouth, she’ll find a way to get water,” Sarah Haynes, who is leading the search efforts, said.
More than 60 volunteers, who are being called Amanda’s Angels are helping on site.
One of the men helping in the search reports that everyone is set up with GPS trackers on their phone both iPhones and Androids, “trying to find out where people have gone and where people are searching,” he said.
Crews will pick the search back up Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. Eller’s family is asking anyone interested in volunteering to search to meet them at Makawao Forest reserve Tuesday morning. They ask crews to park in the upper parking lot.