The next-generation lie detector that measures subtle changes in the eye to detect deception.

Have you been lied to or falsely accused? We provide peace of mind and closure.

Tired of being lied to or falsely accused? Do you need answers to your questions? We give you answers and peace of mind that will end the pain, suffering and heartache.

Australian Polygraph Services was the first polygraph company to commence in 1997 with over 25 years experience in dealing with sensitive and confidential issues. We are also the only company to provide the latest EyeDetect testing technologies direct to the public. EyeDetect telemetry measures subtle changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, reading behaviour, blink rate, eye fixations and several other parameters at 60 measurements per second per eye or a total of 100,000 computations during one examination. This is the future of lie detection.

We are open to members of the public and provide testing for all issues including: allegations of sexual abuse, thefts, frauds, trust issues, domestic disputes, false allegations, insurance matters, harassment cases, dispute resolution and fidelity/cheating issues,

Ensure that you consult a recognised, certified and qualified examiner for accurate results. When looking for a polygraph expert ask them what country they trained, the name of the institution, their experience, and ask them to supply proof of qualifications before engagement. 

Remember If you choose a company solely on the cheapest price you can find you are not saving $100 or $200 but potentially risking losing $1,000 or more if the test is inaccurate. A cheap price doesn’t ensure accuracy, qualifications, experience or value. 

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“If we had done this test earlier it would have saved a lot of pain & anguish!”

Results within 10 minutes after testing

We have been used by 60 Minutes, Sunday Night, A Current Affair, Today Tonight and various media outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide lie detection services, truth verification & polygraph testing on numerous high profile cases including;

We can give you a result in less than 10 minutes after testing! We provide closure and peace of mind.  Need the truth call us NOW!

Stop the the emotional pain & suffering.

experienced and discreet

I can’t recommend Australian Polygraph Services highly enough. I was falsely accused and now I have proof that I was telling the truth!

Australian Polygraph Services are professional and highly credentialed I would highly recommend them to anyone

Our matter just continued to fester for years. I just wish we did this earlier

Well worth the price. Now I have closure & peace of mind

Thank you once again Steve for your utmost professionalism and empathy to our situation. This polygraph test has proven invaluable in helping me resolve some confusing and frustrating issues in my mind. I was so appreciative that you made my partner feel relaxed!

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