As Australian Polygraph Services is committed to providing confidential and discreet polygraph services the testimonials below have excluded names that may identify companies and/or individuals.

“Thanks very much for conducting the polygraph test for us today Steve. We really appreciate your work today, your professionalism and helping us to move forward in our relationship.”

“Thanks again for your help. I so appreciated your professionalism and compassion for my clients and the situation they were in. Both were impressed as well; and felt I had really picked ‘the right guy’! So thanks for making a terrible situation more palatable!”

“First of all I wish to thank you for your demeanour, competence and professionalism when my husband and I visited you on the 2nd August in Sydney. I also want to explain what went on inside me by the time we were starting the second test. I was delighted with my first test as then I really believed that the process worked. I had been nervous regarding the 80%-90% accuracy rate as I did not realise that if the results were not conclusive, either way, that with a professional the results would show that.

By the time I sat down, my stomach was churning, the proof at last that (Name withheld) was lying, I was mad at her, and at him for believing her.

What I am really saying Steven, is that you gave us both our marriage back, allowing us to start healing this enormous rift that engulfed us. Thank you from my heart.”

“Just a note to say thank you for your professionalism and compassion. You’ve had such a positive impact on a bad situation. My daughter and I went out for dinner last week which would not have been possible without the employment of your service”

“Just a thank you for the test you conducted on the 26th of May. As I’m sure you will remember from when my wife and I came to your office I had been accused of having an affair with a work colleague. I was very impressed with your professionalism and the way you explained the testing process to me. The test completely vindicated me as I knew it would. The tremendous strain that this allegation put on me personally was unbelievable. My work was suffering as was my relationship with my wife. Since I got the results our relationship is back on track and we are looking forward to spending much more time together in the future. Thanks again. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who has been falsely accused.”

“To Steve, Australian Polygraph Services. I would like to thank you for your prompt and professional service and spending the time with me unrushed. As it wasn’t pleasant to have to go through my details again I am very pleased with the outcome which I knew would be truthful. But the unknown (the polygraph test) does make you feel nervous and a little unsure of the outcome. I can now recommend this to anyone that needs to get a truthful answer in regards to any manner. “

“Hello Steve. Just a brief message regarding my experience the other day on the polygraph test. Since the missing money incident obviously life has been a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless after taking the test and pleasing (name withheld) and (company name withheld) to no end not to mention me, I had the best sleep since the incident occurred. (name withheld) was pleased with the outcome too. Unfortunately the third person involved reneged on taking the test. I was very sceptical and wary of the test probably because of lack of education about it and the AMERICANISM attached to the polygraph.Your explanation and presentation of the testing procedures put my mind at ease. In future it would be a great asset to the future of law enforcement if the polygraph was introduced legally in some capacity. I now have a clean bill of health at (company name withheld) and there is no threat to my employment hanging over my head. All the best.”