There are 3 testing packages to choose from.

Basic package: Your choice of either a Polygraph or EyeDetect test

What's included:
  • Consultation and Test
  • Verbal result only (no report)

Silver package: Your choice of either a Polygraph or EyeDetect Test

What's included:
  • Consultation & Testing
  • Question formulation
  • Typed report of results
  • Videos of each polygraph test conducted as proof to show others

Gold package: Most popular package

Features of the Gold Package include:
  • Includes both EyeDetect and Polygraph procedures
  • $600 cheaper than basic and silver packages combined
  • No Result No Fee guarantee
  • Testing personally conducted by certified chief examiner Steve van Aperen himself.
  • Highest certified and validated accuracy rate at 99%
  • Full Comprehensive Consultation and Briefing
  • Question formulation & Construction. (Unlimited re-writes)
  • 2 x Pre-Test Calibration and validation tests
  • Recording 3 polygraph and 3 EyeDetect charts
  • Verbal results provided 10 minutes after testing
  • Comprehensive 10 page typed report of results
  • Compendium of studies including testing format included in reports
  • All written and signed declarations used in the testing process included in reports
  • High Definition Videos of each polygraph test included as irrefutable proof to provide others
  • EyeDetect "Credibility Score" Chart printout and question lists
  • Post test explanation via phone or video to third party/ies or family members if required