Condit passes polygraph test Wires
Saturday, July 14, 2001WASHINGTON – The lawyer for Rep. Gary Condit said Friday that his client had taken a private polygraph test that showed he was telling the truth in saying he had nothing to do with the disappearance of former intern Chandra Levy.
Attorney Abbe Lowell said at a news conference that he arranged for Condit to take a polygraph test administered by Barry Colvert, who was the primary polygraph examiner and interrogator for the FBI in Washington for 15 years.

“Former Agent Colvert has concluded that the congressman was not deceptive in any way and in fact had a probability of deception of less than one-hundredth of 1 percent to the only questions that matter,” Lowell said.

Lowell said Colvert characterized Condit’s responses as truthful when the congressman responded “no” to three key questions: Whether he had anything to do with the disappearance of Levy, whether he knows where she could be located, and whether he had harmed her.

Levy has been missing since April 30. Condit, 53, in previous public statements has termed his relationship with the 24-year-old intern as “good friends.” Police sources, however, have been quoted in news reports as saying that in a third meeting with investigators, Condit acknowledged a sexual relationship with Levy.

Lowell said Condit had been very responsive to police inquiries. He said the congressman had:

  • Contacted police and the FBI on May 6 after hearing the day before that Levy was missing.
  • Invited police to his apartment to answer questions after they asked to speak with him around May 9 or 10.
  •  Met with police on three occasions. 
  • Offered a reward for information about Levy’s disappearance.
  • Canceled appearances in California to fly back to Washington with his wife, who the police wanted to question.
  •  Provided police with his District of Columbia home and cell phone records. 
  •  Willingly allowed police and FBI to search his home. 
  •  Provided a DNA sample.
  • Made arrangements for his staff to answer questions.
  • Submitted a polygraph exam to the FBI and police.

Lowell said that the news media had misrepresented facts and that Condit has been “under enormous pressure, of nonstop media pressure.”