Michelle Chantelois takes lie test to prove affair with South Australian Premier Rann

Rann, restore my reputation: barmaid

February 7, 2010


The former parliamentary barmaid at the centre of a sex scandal with South Australian Premier Mike Rann has reportedly pleaded with him to restore her reputation and tell the truth about their alleged relationship.

Michelle Chantelois last November went public about her alleged two-year affair with Mr Rann but he vehemently denied the allegations.

Ms Chantelois last week delivered a one-page letter and accompanying polygraph results to his office and Adelaide’s Sunday Mail newspaper on Sunday revealed the contents of the letter for the first time.

She reportedly wrote she was “stunned and disappointed” when he denied her claims.

“As a first step to restoring my reputation I subjected myself to a lie detector test and the results are set out in the report dated 29 January enclosed with this letter,” the letter said.

“Despite your denials, you will see the result is conclusive. You cannot be surprised.

“I am providing you with the results of the lie detector test because I want you to publicly admit that I was telling the truth about our relationship.

“I want you to do this because I want to restore my reputation.”

The newspaper says Gavin Wilson, of Australian Polygraph Services, spent more than three hours with Ms Chantelois to determine if she was telling the truth and he believes she was.

Mr Rann is suing the Seven Network and New Idea for defamation over their reporting of her claims but is not suing Ms Chantelois.