St.Kilda schoolgirl all-clear on lie detector re Ricky Nixon affair

Schoolgirl all-clear on lie detector

THE 17-year-old St Kilda schoolgirl involved with suspended AFL player agent manager Ricky Nixon passed a lie-detector test.

The test proved the teen was not lying about claims that she and Nixon were sexually involved.

And her father, Tony Duthie, said in his opinion Nixon might deserve to be jailed over his dealings with his daughter, Kim.

Yesterday, Nixon reported Kim to police after a series of messages and unwanted visits. Nixon has told friends he has been bombarded by texts, emails and phone calls from the teenager.

Mr Duthie said he had never met 47-year-old Nixon, but “a man that old behaving in that manner with my daughter, possibly with drugs and sex … is unbelievable”.

“If it’s found to be proven, (he deserves) probably jail time for what he’s done.”

“You can’t do this sort of thing. If one person has to go to jail as an example for what’s happened, then OK, it’d be a good thing, I think.”

Kim’s mother, Susan, told Channel 7’s Sunday Night the family had received death threats since her daughter’s life went off the rails last year following a visit to her school by St Kilda footballers.

“I’m extremely angry. I’m sick of everyone telling me I’m a bad parent,” Mrs Duthie said.

The teenager was filmed being asked a number of questions relating to whether she had lied about her sexual relationship with Nixon. The polygraph test conducted by Steve van Aperen from Australian Polygraph Services concluded she had not lied.

Nixon has denied ever having a sexual relationship with the girl.

He said Kim turned up at his Point Lonsdale holiday home at least three times over the weekend, demanding to speak to him.

Nixon said on one occasion on Saturday, he answered a knock at the door at his holiday home to discover her there. It is understood he ordered her and a friend to leave.

It is believed Nixon called police, who then told the teenager to stay away.

The teenager, who has admitted to lying about falling pregnant to an AFL footballer, refused to comment last night.

“She keeps rocking up to his house at one in the morning. She came around with a friend and (Nixon) said to her, ‘You can’t come in and you have to leave’,” a source close to Nixon told the Herald Sun.

“She told him that she just wants to apologise, but he would not let her in.

“He doesn’t know what to do. He just wants her to leave him alone.”

The Herald Sun understands police were also called to the Point Lonsdale home after neighbours spotted the teen taking photos of his house and car.

Nixon spent most of Saturday at Queenscliff football ground and stayed with a friend in an attempt to avoid her. It is believed Nixon has provided copies of all the girl’s text messages and emails to police.

A police spokeswoman said: “Ricky Nixon has spoken to police in relation to a number of matters and we can’t provide further comment.”

Nixon reportedly told friends he was considering appearing on 60 Minutes to dispel “lies” allegedly told by the schoolgirl on Channel 7’s program last night.

A Channel 9 spokesman said the 48-year-old was not due to appear on the program “but that could change”.